World Youth Day and endless problems of Afghan youth

World Youth Day and endless problems of Afghan youth

International Youth Day is an annual event that takes place on August 12 and is dedicated to emphasizing the importance of young people and their role in world societies. This day was created to pay attention to the challenges and issues faced by young people around the world, and it pays special attention to different occasions, especially in countries with difficult social and economic conditions.

If we talk about the problems of the youth of Afghanistan, some of the important challenges that the youth of this country are facing are:

  1. Unemployment: The high unemployment rate among the youth of Afghanistan is one of the main problems. The lack of access to suitable job opportunities and the lack of necessary infrastructure to create new businesses cause serious economic and social concerns for young people.

  2. Lack of education: Many Afghan youths do not have access to higher education due to inadequate educational conditions and lack of resources. This problem can have a huge impact on their personal development and career opportunities.

  3. Poverty: Poverty and not being able to provide basic needs such as food, housing and health for young Afghan families is a serious problem that has profound effects on the life and health of young people.

  4. Social and cultural restrictions: Some young people in Afghanistan face social and cultural sanctions and restrictions that can lead to lack of access to public opportunities and civil and political rights.

  5. Insecurity and security threats: Security instability and security threats in Afghanistan cause stress and anxiety among young people and can negatively affect their personal development and education.

Considering these challenges, it is very important to pay attention to the youth and create more opportunities for their growth and development in Afghanistan. Actions such as creating job opportunities, improving the education system, supporting small businesses, and promoting security and establishing peace in the country can help improve the conditions of Afghanistan’s youth.

Youth migration

Youth migration is a global phenomenon that means leaving the country of origin and moving to other countries for residence and work. This phenomenon can be voluntary when young people decide to migrate for economic, educational, cultural or political reasons, or forced when young people migrate due to war, security threats or unstable conditions in their country. If not properly managed, youth migration can create challenges for countries of origin and destination.

In case of youth migration from Afghanistan, some of the main reasons can be:

  1. Unfavorable economic conditions: Unemployment and poverty in Afghanistan can be due to a weak economy and lack of job opportunities, which forces young people to leave the country and seek better economic opportunities abroad.

  2. Lack of access to education and good education: Some young people immigrate to other countries to get the opportunity to improve their living and professional conditions due to lack of access to quality education and higher education.

  3. Security threats and war: Some young people accept migration as a way to escape security risks due to security instability and war threats in Afghanistan.

  4. Cultural and social opportunities: Some young people migrate to other countries due to their desire for new experiences, cultural and social opportunities.

Youth migration can have different effects on the country of origin and destination. On the one hand, youth migration can reduce the youth workforce and have negative effects on the economy of the country of origin. On the other hand, youth migration can help provide skilled labor in the destination countries and help the economic growth and development of those countries.

Celebrating World Youth Day in Afghanistan

Celebrating World Youth Day in Afghanistan can be an opportunity to emphasize the importance of youth and issues related to them, as well as to provide solutions to support youth and solve their problems in this country. On this day, various actions and programs can be done to honor the youth of Afghanistan:

  1. Holding programs and conferences: Holding various conferences, lectures and programs with the presence of young people and local and international authorities, in order to discuss and exchange opinions about the important issues of Afghan youth and practical solutions to solve them.

  2. Promotion of education and employment: Creating educational, internship and employment opportunities for young people, especially in fields that require skilled labor such as technical and professional.

  3. Promotion of human rights and citizenship participation: Education and promotion of human rights and citizenship participation to young people, so that they can participate in decisions related to their society and obtain their rights.

  4. Promotion of culture and art: Creating cultural and artistic spaces and programs for young people in order to promote their national and cultural identity and strengthen social connections.

  5. Development of technology and communication: promoting access to information and communication technology (ICT) in young people and promoting the optimal use of these technologies for personal and social development.

  6. Encouraging political participation: encouraging young people to participate in political processes and actively participate in decisions related to the future of the country.

Considering the celebration of World Youth Day in Afghanistan, this day can be used as an opportunity to pay attention to the issues and needs of the youth of this country and take effective measures to improve their living conditions and future opportunities.

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