Underage marriage

Underage marriage

Forced and underage marriages generally take place due to traditional and incorrect cultures, poverty and ignorance of people and families who do not have proper knowledge of Islam and children’s rights.
One of the reasons that forces families to force their daughters and sons to marry young and underage is the lack of entertaining programs such as school, university and art programs, and this causes young people to have no thoughts about the future and to focus all their thoughts on Getting married and starting a family. While they have no understanding of the problems and responsibilities they are going to face.

Forced and underage marriages are also considered a big problem for the future of the country; Because young people have no motivation to do anything. Not only your thoughts; Rather, they will poison the children they are going to give birth to, and both they and their children will face great dangers and problems.

We lose many mothers every year because they get married early and underage and cannot bear to get pregnant and give birth. Forced and underage marriages cause even bigger problems; Like many women suffer from severe mental disorders. Many mothers and women commit suicide; Because they still don’t have the ability to live together.

Underage marriages in Afghanistan cause many social problems and cause 20 percent of maternal and newborn deaths.

And in Afghanistan, unfortunately, this culture is still prevalent in the corners of the provinces, and now that the gates of schools and universities are closed, forced marriages have increased.

what are the dangers of underage marriages?*

Underage marriages can be associated with various risks:

  1. Inability to make correct decisions: Minors may not have the ability to make correct decisions and are easily influenced by others.

  2. Physical and psychological risks: Underage people may be more immature and vulnerable, and marriage at this age can lead to physical and psychological problems for them.

  3. Imposing high responsibilities: Marriage means imposing responsibilities of family life for which minors may be incompletely prepared.

  4. Legal Developments: In some societies, child marriage may be associated with legal problems and cause interference in legal and legal issues.

  5. Conflict with education: Marriage at a young age may lead to interruption of education and conflict with personal growth and development.

In general, early marriage may cause various problems that require proper attention and management.