The exorbitant costs of weddings in Afghanistan

The exorbitant costs of weddings in Afghanistan

Excessive expenses in wedding ceremonies is a social and cultural issue that also exists in Afghanistan. In some areas, weddings have become a competition to show wealth and social superiority, and some people try hard to show their prestige and respect by holding large ceremonies and spending a lot of money. This includes spending such as buying expensive clothes, gold and jewelry, luxury travel, catering services, and music and DJs. This type of excessive spending may be a heavy financial burden for families and cause increased debt and financial problems. In this context, some people and institutions in Afghanistan are trying to help by providing training and numerous suggestions, in order to reduce the exorbitant costs of weddings.

Why are wedding expenses expensive in Afghanistan?

The exorbitant wedding expenses in Afghanistan and many other societies are due to various factors:

  1. Culture and social combinations: In some cultures and societies, holding a wedding ceremony with excessive consumption is considered a sign of wealth and social power. People may be under cultural or social pressure to improve their status by having a high-profile, expensive wedding.

  2. Competition and display of wealth: In some regions, holding a wedding ceremony is considered as a competition between families to display wealth and social superiority. This may lead to a competitive pressure and a desire to spend more to gain the attention and respect of others.

  3. Cultural beliefs and local traditions: Some cultural traditions and beliefs can cause a wedding ceremony to be held with excessive consumption. For example, buying expensive clothes, gold and jewelry, and holding large parties may be based on local beliefs and traditions that are seen as symbols of acceptance and pleasantness among families.

These factors, along with social, cultural and economic pressure, may cause weddings in Afghanistan to be expensive.

The exorbitant expenses of weddings have caused which problems in the traditional society of Afghanistan?

Excessive spending on weddings can lead to many problems in traditional Afghan society, including:

  1. Debt and financial problems: The high costs of weddings may add heavy debts to families and cause serious financial problems. Some families may end up in debt and banks due to incurring huge expenses for the wedding, which can be a heavy burden for them.

  2. Economic pressure on poor families: Holding a wedding ceremony with exorbitant expenses can put poor families under more economic pressure. This may lead to thinking and pressure to spend more by the families and the bride and groom.

  3. Exacerbating social inequality: Expensive weddings may exacerbate social inequality because people who can’t afford to spend big on their weddings feel ashamed and poor and become obsessed with financial debt.

  4. Ignoring social issues: Excessive spending on weddings may cause more important social issues such as providing education, healthcare, and security to be ignored, and the society’s focus is more on superficial and material issues.

These problems can lead to a reanalysis and modification of the ceremonial and cultural traditions associated with weddings in Afghanistan, in order to reduce the exorbitant costs and related issues.

Did the exorbitant expenses of the wedding cause the girls to stay at home?

Exorbitant spending on weddings may lead to some kind of social pressure on girls and families, causing them to stay at home or other problems. In some cases, families are under social pressure to prove their financial and social status by spending high on weddings. This pressure may cause families to put too much pressure on their daughters to have a luxurious and expensive wedding, which can delay or even cancel the marriage. In addition, in some cases, excessive spending can place a heavy burden on the family’s finances, which can lead to delays in girls’ marriages. Hence, the exorbitant expenses in the wedding ceremony can be one of the factors that cause girls to stay at home and make different decisions in the field of marriage.