Sightseeing places in Afghanistan; getting to know the wonders of Afghanistan

Sightseeing places in Afghanistan; Let’s know the wonders of Afghanistan

Afghanistan, with its ancient history and rich culture, has many interesting and amazing places that are less noticed. Some of these places are:

  1. Bamiyan: This area is known for the Buddha statues carved in the rocks of Bamiyan. Although these statues were destroyed by the Taliban in 2001, Bamyan is still popular with tourists for its natural beauty and rich history.

  2. Herat Grand Mosque: This mosque, which is one of the largest and oldest mosques in Afghanistan, is famous for its beautiful architecture and colorful tiles. Herat also has many other historical monuments.

  3. Old City of Balkh: Balkh is one of the oldest cities in the world and is known as the “Mother of Cities”. This city has many ancient monuments, including the tomb of Rabia Balkhi and the Green Mosque.

  4. Band Amir: This collection of beautiful and amazing lakes is located in Bamyan province and is known as the first national park of Afghanistan. The turquoise blue waters of Amir Band are located among the high mountains and create a unique view.

  5. Ghazni Castle: Ghazni is one of the historical cities of Afghanistan, which was known as the cultural and scientific center of the Islamic world in the Middle Ages. Ghazni Castle is one of the most important historical monuments of this city.

  6. Panjshir Valley: This beautiful and green valley is located in Panjshir province and is known for its stunning natural scenery. This valley is also the burial place of Ahmad Shah Massoud, one of the famous Afghan commanders.

  7. Kabul City: The capital of Afghanistan, with a combination of old and new, has many places to see, including Babur’s Garden, Shah Dushamshireh Mosque, and the National Museum of Afghanistan.

  8. Mazar Sharif Blue Mosque: This mosque is known for its beautiful blue tiles and is one of the most important religious places in Afghanistan. This place is respected by Muslims as the burial place of Hazrat Ali (AS).

  9. Balahisar Castle of Kabul: This historical fort, which is located on top of a hill in Kabul, is one of the most important historical places in Afghanistan and offers beautiful views of the city of Kabul.

  10. Shah and Arous Spring: This natural spring is located in Kabul province and is famous for its clear water and beautiful natural environment.

Afghanistan, having such spectacular and amazing places, contains a treasure of history and nature, each of these places has a unique and valuable story to tell.