Sale of date goods in Afghan market

Sale of date goods in Afghan market

The sale of goods in the Afghan market in July (equivalent to July in the Gregorian calendar) may vary due to different economic, social and seasonal conditions. In this month, when the summer season is at its peak, some goods are sold more as seasonal goods and requested by people. Some of the goods that are usually noticed in the Afghan market in July are:

  1. Fresh and seasonal food items: In the summer season, fresh and seasonal fruits and vegetables such as watermelon, melon, cucumber, tomato, strawberry, apple, peach and plum are sold more. These food items are noticed by people as seasonal products with proper marketing.

  2. Cold Beverages: As the temperature rises in summer, sales of cold beverages such as juice, soft drinks, juices, and frozen drinks will increase.

  3. Summer clothes and clothes: In July, sales of summer clothes such as tank tops, linen pants and light summer clothes usually increase.

  4. Travel and leisure equipment: As the summer holidays approach, sales of travel and leisure equipment such as bags, backpacks, tents, swimwear, and sports equipment may increase in July.

  5. Electronics: With the increasing use of technology in modern societies, the sale of electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and laptops increases in all seasons, but during the summer season due to school holidays and outdoor activities, it is possible be more

This list is only an example of goods that may sell more in the Afghan market in July. Of course, the amount of sales and the type of goods depends on many factors that can be changed over time and according to different conditions.

An increase in people’s complaints about dated goods

The increase in people’s complaints about goods in the month of July (equivalent to July in the Gregorian calendar) may be due to various factors, which can include the following:

  1. Product quality: In the summer season, consumers expect the products they buy to be of the best quality. People may complain about goods if they have defects such as poor quality, structural defects, or similar defects.

  2. Price: High or inappropriate prices compared to the quality or the market, may cause complaints from consumers. In the summer season, markets may face an increase in prices due to tourism activities or high consumer demand.

  3. False advertising: In the summer season, some businesses may use false or deceptive advertising to attract customers. This issue can cause people to complain about the non-compliance of the goods with the advertisements.

  4. Product supply problems: In some cases, in the summer season, due to high demand and weather conditions, the goods may not be fully available in the market or may be delivered later. This issue may lead to people’s complaints about product supply problems.

  5. Sanitary Issues: In summer, consumers expect products to be hygienic and healthy. Any problems in this regard, including spoiled or unsanitary goods, may lead to complaints from individuals.

To resolve these problems, people usually go to consumer units, consumer organizations, or regulatory and quality control departments to raise their complaints. Also, communication with manufacturers and sellers can also help to solve problems and improve the quality of goods.

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