Problems of Afghan youth in Afghanistan

Problems of Afghan youth in Afghanistan

It is an undeniable principle that the Afghan youth can change the future of this country and play an effective role in the development of this country, and even in the Afghan society, it will be the same youth who ignore the ethnic, regional and linguistic opinions and promote convergence. To bring fruit for the future.
However, this generation has always been ignored and their thoughts, opinions, strength and abilities have been played with, which we have seen in the last 20 years what they did with the young generation and what roles they gave them in the government.
In the last two decades, the government had established a ministry called “Youth Affairs”, which was not even headed by a young and expert person. The only thing this institution did was to contract with private educational institutions, which introduced young Afghans to these institutions at a discount for their own benefit, while the institutions fraudulently charged the same fee from the youth.
On the other hand, when young Afghans graduated from education, there was no job for them, and the only thing they received sooner was “despair”. The discussion of relationships was based on the criteria that was Azhar Man Al-Shams and there was no place where youth without intermediaries or hired money and meritocracy were considered.
It is true that there have been achievements in the past two decades, but how much could a patriarchal government, which was formed by non-young figures from zero to a hundred, serve the people and gain achievements.
Although the traditional approach to the role of Afghan youth in Afghanistan is still one of the major difficulties, this generation has shown in the last few years with its expertise, knowledge, capacity and commitment that it can change the traditional approaches to executive structures to modern approaches. and remove the criteria of the executive force from the circle of islands of ethnic and family power.

Was the escape of Afghan youth a solution?
Although the war is considered one of the main reasons for young people to flee the country, being ignored and unemployed was one of the more important reasons than the war. So far, there have been several waves of youth and brain flight, which in itself is a terrible blow for the country.
Escape was the only way that the young generation envisioned for their future, and they went to Europe in the hope of a better life. Unfortunately, thousands of them perished on the way, and only death became their friend on this way and their future.
Running away was never a solution, but young Afghans had to run away, because there was no clear strategy for their future in their own country, and the government, instead of dealing with the problems of this generation, took projects from their names and for themselves in America and Europe. They built houses and palaces that are not hidden from anyone.

Afghan youth under the Taliban regime
Now that the Taliban are in power, the young people are left with two ways of leaving and staying. There is no clear strategy from the Taliban regarding the Afghan youth and the role of this generation in the system and job fields, and this has forced the youth to drop out of school and leave their homeland and migrate.
A large number of young Afghans left with the arrival of the Taliban and a large number are still leaving, because unemployment has cut off their security and they knock on every door, they have nothing to do to support their families.