Innovate for Afghanistan Challenge

The “Innovate for Afghanistan Challenge” is an initiative designed for the Afghan community to possibly solve or offer viable solutions to real life problems, this contest will happen once a month going forward. This contest is an open invitation for the creative and bright minds across Afghanistan to contribute innovative solutions to the pressing issues facing Afghanistan. With a prize pool of 1500, 1000, and 500 Afghanis awarded to the top three transformative ideas, the challenge seeks to ignite a wave of positive change throughout the country. These prizes serve not only as a financial incentive but also as a recognition of the innovative spirit and potential of Afghan individuals to contribute meaningfully to their country’s future.

The challenge is open to all Afghans who believe in the power of innovation to solve and transform society. Whether you are a student, educator, entrepreneur, or simply someone passionate about making a difference, your ideas are valuable. We encourage participants from every province, background, and field of study to bring their diverse perspectives and solutions to the forefront.

Participants are asked to submit a proposal that clearly outlines their innovative solution to a challenging problem we will pose every month. Proposals will be judged on their originality, practicality, scalability, and the potential for a societal benefit. Detailed guidelines and submission criteria will be available the first week of April. Participants will have until the end of the month to submit their innovative answers.

Prizes that Empower

To celebrate and support the ingenuity of Afghan participants, the challenge offers enticing rewards. You will receive your winnings through cryptocurrency, more details on this will be available when the challenge is posted.

  • First Place: 1500 Afghanis
  • Second Place: 1000 Afghanis
  • Third Place: 500 Afghanis