How is the New Year celebrated in Afghanistan?

new Year

New Year is an opportunity to start again, renew vitality and set new goals. I hope the new year is full of happiness, health, success and positive improvements for you.

How is the New Year celebrated in Afghanistan?
In Afghanistan, the New Year, known as Nowruz or Nowruz, is one of the most important and traditional celebrations. Afghan people celebrate Nowruz through family gatherings, decorating houses, wearing festive clothes, religious ceremonies, eating special foods and traditional games. This festival is celebrated as an opportunity to meet with family and friends, appreciate the past and wish for better things in the future along with various ceremonies and rituals.

What ceremonies do the people of Afghanistan celebrate in the New Year?
Afghan people usually celebrate different ceremonies and rituals during the New Year or Nowruz. Some of the most important ceremonies and celebrations in these days are:

  1. Nowruz: Nowruz is very important in Afghan culture as the beginning of the new year. This celebration is accompanied by family events, decorating the house, buying new clothes, cooking special foods and playing traditional games.

  2. Nowruz Sama: In some regions of Afghanistan, people listen to Sama and traditional music on the night of Nowruz and celebrate together.

  3. cemetery pilgrimage ceremony: In some societies, people go to the cemetery and walk to pay respect to the memory of the dead and their souls.

  4. Weddings: At this time, many wedding celebrations are held and people use this opportunity to celebrate and be happy.

  5. Seven Haft Sin table: Like other traditions, Afghan people also set the Haft Sin table in their homes and use rituals related to each of the Sins and their symbols.

These celebrations and ceremonies differ to a great extent according to the geographical area, culture and local traditions.