Family violence in Afghanistan

domestic violence

Family violence or family violence is a term that refers to any acts of physical, emotional or sexual violence, force and abuse in a family. This type of violence may take the form of physical abuse, addiction, provocation, loss of control, etc., and in some cases can lead to serious injuries and even death. Domestic violence is a serious social problem that requires the attention and support of society, legal support and psychological services to prevent it and protect and support its victims.

Increasing violence in Afghanistan

The increase in violence in Afghanistan is a serious issue caused by several different factors. Some of the important factors in the increase of violence in this country include the following:

  1. Security instability: The continuation of security instability in Afghanistan has affected the increase in violence. Armed conflicts between different groups, terrorist attacks, ethnic and tribal disputes and attacks on civilians have all contributed to the increase in violence in the country.

  2. Poverty and unemployment: Poverty and unemployment are the main factors that increase violence in society. Many people resort to violence and crime due to lack of access to livelihood resources and basic facilities.

  3. Gender discrimination: Gender discrimination and lack of access to basic human rights for women facilitate the increase of violence against them. This includes early marriage, family violence and sexual violence.

  4. Migration Crisis: The migration crisis and the large masses of people fleeing from unstable areas have led to increased violence in host societies, as this situation may weaken society’s limited resources and increase competition between individuals. .

  5. Weakness of the judicial system: The weakness of the judicial system and the inability to apply justice encourages people to commit violent acts, because the feeling of safety and the guarantee of their rights is reduced.

To deal with these problems, there is a need for security development, economic development, promoting a culture of peace and respect for human rights. Also, strengthening the judicial system and creating employment opportunities can help reduce violence.

In the current situation, most women are subjected to domestic violence

Yes, unfortunately, in the current situation of many countries, including Afghanistan, women are more vulnerable to domestic violence. Factors such as increasing social and economic pressures, changes in culture and values, changes in the distribution of power and dominance, the effects of crises and security instability, all these factors can increase violence against women.

In Afghanistan, factors such as gender discrimination, early marriage, legal and social restrictions for women, and the weakness of the justice system can lead to an increase in violence against women. To deal with this problem, there is a need for legal reforms, education and promotion of society’s culture and values, strengthening the judicial system and legal protection of the rights of women and girls, and creating economic and educational opportunities for women.

Most of the violence in Afghanistan takes place in families, and this violence is not only from the husband, but also from the father and brother.